Beth Galton

When I first saw the collection of ‘Cut Food’ photographs by Beth Galton, I instantly thought of Damien Hirst. The sceptic in me thought she’d taken his idea as her own and made it easier by doing on a significantly smaller scale. Many would agree that cutting a doughnut in half doesn’t really compare to cutting a cow in half…however, when I got down to the coffee cup picture [my favourite of the collection] I realised that there really is little comparison to be made. The movement and familiarity in Galton’s work can not be compared to the awe and curiosity brought about by Hirst, they are different collections by different people and should be viewed as such – I stand corrected.




A Good Cuppa: Mugs

I do love a good cuppa, whether it’s a cup of posh loose leaf tea with cake, a builders brew at work or a big mug of hot chocolate before bed – I’m easy to please! Although one thing that helps the experience is a good mug and I am a hoarder of such…while I can say ‘no’ to most bargains, when it comes to crockery I have amassed a vast selection over the years, the reason being there are several things that entice me.

I had a quick browse and found an example of some of the characteristics that catch my eye (although I had to keep my purse well out of arms length to save my bank balance). I think I need to home my crockery desire before I run out of cupboard space – as you can see there aren’t many mugs which don’t take my fancy! What do you look for in a good mug?…

1.il_570xN.358272092_ggdx1. An unusual design;

2.il_570xN.429467271_960h2. A delicate design;

3.il_570xN.446728835_ksgy3. A classic retro design;

4. CKMug4. A massive mug to warm your up from the inside; or

5.$(KGrHqJ,!lgFC2frsj(8BQ1cv!s4Gw~~60_125. A novelty design.

Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project

I stumbled across Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project on the Ondra Loup photo blog. I think it’s a lovely, fresh, nostalgic idea:




My favourite aspect of the project is the interactivity – a sense of community – due to people engaging and sending in their own take on their project. The rules of the project are on her website, if you fancy getting involved!…



House-warming Inspiration: Succulents

Now all I need to do is keep my eyes peeled for some quirky containers to pot them up in, add a bit of ribbon, write a card and bob’s your uncle!…






Bitter Sweet Distraction


Sometimes life isn’t as perfect as you’d like it to be, sometimes even on the nicest of summer days it’s difficult to find a reason to stop you drawing the blinds and getting into bed, even if it is only 3pm. On days like these, it takes a distraction to keep you on your feet and on this day I had just the right ingredients in my cupboards to get inventive and knock up some bitterly, sweet lemon curd cupcakes…with frosting to match!

The recipe was based on the vanilla cupcakes I threw together here with 6 heaped tea spoons of lemon curd stirred into the batter. In a very similar vain I conjured up some lemon curd frosting, recipe below.

And there you have it, an afternoon well  spent. A lot more productive than a nap and significantly healthier for the mind!


For the frosting, beat together the following until lump free:
250g Icing sugar
80g Unsalted butter
2 heaped tsps Lemon curd
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
2-3 drops Yellow food colouring







90’s DIY Must-Dos.

I stumbled across this list of 90’s inspired DIY projects and these three really took my eye – doable on the cheap and perfect coming into the summer! I’m inspired…

Image1. Retro worn dungarees.

Image2. Braided crop top.

3. Full-length jersey skirt.