OLD BLOG: Danger of child suffocation.

[July 12, 2008, 11.20pm]

To set the scene, yesterday I was on a mission to find a clear plastic box (with a lid), this mission led me to IKEA where I found the following symbol to prevent any potential disasters occurring when a box, a baby and a lid come together with not an air hole in sight.



Now this could be a widely accepted Swedish suffocation hazard symbol, but I doubt it. Which leads me to wonder what type of world we live in when people need to be reminded not to put a living, breathing human being in a sealed plastic container?

I personally think it’s a bit disappointing that IKEA feel the need to draw attention to the seemingly obvious, are they doing it to protect their backs? I would be interested to hear somebody argue the case that, on the death of a child, it was not made clear enough that plastic boxes aren’t suitable storage containers for children. Where I come from, it’s common knowledge that you can’t breath through plastic.


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