A Little Off Center.

I originally bought the Holga 120 GCFN (below) during my first year of uni. It had the appeal of being a cheap film-bearing camera, with a multitude of add-ons (equally as cheap). I enjoyed the simplicity of it and the degree to which you could experiment. They are designed to take 120 film, although are easily modified for the use of 35mm.

With this particular model there are three coloured flash filters built-in (red, blue and orange). That being said, the flash on my camera broke within months of getting it – still, fun while it lasted!

With my flash being broken I look forward to the summer months where I can enjoy the longer days and more natural light. The recent bout of sunshine we’ve had here in Manchester has provide me with the prefect opportunity…

…Unfortunately, any skill I once had dissolved away during the winter months. Although my alignment isn’t great, I’ll fight my corner and say some of the shots carry a bit of character ; )

While I loved the adventure and rediscovery, I also realised how much I take my digital camera for granted; it was a shock to the system only having 24 shots, waiting for 2days of processing and paying £7.00 for the privilege.

I’ll defiantly be making the effort to bring my Holga out more this summer…after all I’m not certain I’ll even be able to get a 35mm processed next year given the rate of the digital revolution!


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