A Moment (or Nine) of Fiction.

When life gets a little too real, it’s good to lose yourself in a bit of the unreal.

I bought this book for a few quid (second-hand) and it’s proving just perfect for the above – so good I almost had a head on collision with a lamp-post while walking to work!

As I first flicked through it, I came across this photo; it makes you wonder who else has been lost in the very same book…and whether they where distracting themselves from the same things?


2 responses to “A Moment (or Nine) of Fiction.

  1. Burman, please don’t walk and read, that has to be the geekiest look ever! 🙂

    • Hate to break it to you Mr B. but I’ve never really been that far of being a geek!

      I reckon I can pull it off as geek-chic 😉

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