Ice Cream: Bananas on Toast.

Ice-cream is most definitely my first love (frequently taking priority in my life) and with this recipe I can make any flavour imaginable without having to invest in an ice-cream maker. Sometimes life does throw up the odd gem…

 1a. Ingredients (listed below). Don’t forget to clear a space in the freezer!
1b. Toast the bread and roast the banana (unless it’s already pretty mushy).

 2a. Melt the butter with the brown sugar and keep on the heat for a while to create a caramel.
2b. Crumble in the toasted brown bread and give it a bit of a stir.

 3a. Spread out your caramelised bread and allow to cool.
3b. Mush up your banana.

4. Lightly whip the double cream before adding the above bread and banana, not to mention a little vanilla extract.

NB. Adding grated chocolate to the cream also works a treat as it melts when the hot sugar-egg mixture is added later.

 5a. Place the granulated sugar in a pan with 6tbs of cold water, stirring on a low heat until dissolved (while continuing with 5b). Once dissolved bring to the boil for two mins.
5b. Separate your eggs leaving the whites and beat them until peaky.
5c. Once the sugar solution has done it’s two mins, take off the heat and whisk together with the egg whites. (Careful: HOT!)

6. Fold the egg mixture into the cream mixture.
7. Decant into a suitable tub and place in freezer overnight. I used an old 1ltr ice-cream tub – which proved to be the perfect capacity.
8. AND it pretty much looks/tastes like the real deal, best served with crushed maltesers (as most things are).
Ice-cream Ingredients:
300ml Double Cream
170g Granulated sugar
6 tbs Cold water
2 Egg whites
1ts Vanilla extract

The best bits:
60g Unsalted butter
60g Brown sugar
2 Slices of brown bread
1 Banana


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