Did Someone Say Chocolate Challenge?!

I often consider things for a moment, or two, before adding them to my endless list of ‘must-dos’ the following however was on in an instant!

I’m not saying it would be easy, there may even need to be a little strategy involved regarding the meals eaten prior…but I reckon I’m man enough to complete the challenge (not only earning the box of chocolates, but a hell load of pride to go with).

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge

Take a large portion of our American Style chocolate fudge cake, served warm, with a portion of homemade chocolate ice-cream, a portion of fresh cream and two chocolate pots filled with liquid chocolate sauce! Add a glass of any of our delicious hot chocolate drinks and the challenge begins!!

I managed to google the array: looks doable, right? Watch this space…

Courtesy of.


2 responses to “Did Someone Say Chocolate Challenge?!

    • Unfortunately not, it’s been on my list of things to do since posting this! I’ve seen others defeated by it though…it is a lot of chocolate, although I’m not deterred : )

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