Simple at The Light, M4 1PN.

Burger and beer, sometimes the simple things are the best. Well my friend had a beer, I had a Cosmopolitan – a meagre attempt to have some class while stuffing a burger in my mouth with meat juices dripping down my hand.

In all honesty I’d never noticed Simple before even though I’ve easily walked down that road hundreds of times since moving to Manchester. Their menu looked pretty good, but sadly the chips were disappointing (greasy and limp) although the burger was a little above average, the drink (and company) were the highlight of my visit.

In fairness, I would go back for a few drinks as the atmosphere was nice and relaxed with an abundance of comfy seating, plus there were a few cocktails on their list which took my fancy. Who knows, if I’m brave enough to give more of their deep-frieds a go I may even their sweet potato wedges a chance.

Simple burger with blue cheese and caramelised onions


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