When The Odds Are Against You…

…eat brownies!

I found this recipe, all the ingredients are bunged in one pan making it so quick and easy. The result is a brownie that tastes how all brownies should: moist and chewy with a dense chocolatey taste.

I’ll defiantly be stocking my freezer up with these again, for the next batch I’ll be swapping out the coconut for cherries and/or maybe some nuts…the possibilities are endless!

1. Cocoa, [half a kg of] sugar, [one block of] butter melted together in a big pan. No-one said good brownies would be healthy!

2. Allow the butter mixture to cool slightly before adding the beaten eggs, sieving the flour in bit-by-bit, finally stirring in the coconut and vanilla extract.

3. Pour into a lined tin and bake 30mins at 180°C, keeping an eye on it so you can prevent it catching.

4. Allow to cool before slicing and freezing or…

5. Supper: A couple of brownies and a glass of cold milk.

The original recipe was from here, although I changed it slightly.

100g Cocoa
250g Butter
500g Golden caster sugar
4 Eggs (beaten)
1tsp Vanilla extract
110g Self-raising flour
145g Desiccated coconut


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