Circus Casino, M1 4RL.

I lost my casino virginity only a couple of months ago and disappointingly it wasn’t as glamours as the picture painted in my imagination.

I can see how some could find it exciting – I’ve seen a friend walk away with winnings ten times his original bet. Maybe I’ve simply never drank enough to relax into it, but after putting £5 down I often look around and think it best that I leave it there, to avoid becoming one of the many who litter casinos desperately trying to make their way home better off than when they started. Many people have told me the house always wins, and I believe them.

That being said, I’m never one to turn down a good offer. I found a voucher for the Circus Casino, which offered a two course meal for two with a glass of champers and a £5chip each, for a painless £27, so I went. The food was really good and the restaurant was atmospheric and friendly, I’d go as far as to recommend it. Although, needless to say, we both lost our free £5 pretty quickly and left soon after!

Lamb served with a mini shepherds pie.


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