Feel The Burn.

I started indoor climbing just over a year ago and love the challenge, it’s the best weekday escape as for the 2-3hours at the walls you think about nothing else other than pulling, pushing and manoeuvring yourself up walls of varying difficulties – you can test yourself both on speed and skill, while quantifying your improvement. But for me, first and foremost, it’s a good laugh with a cracking friend resulting in a work-out which is infinitely more enjoyable than the gym!

This fine day we ventured a little further than usual to Awesome Walls (Stockport). It was nice to have a bit of an adventure and we were pleasantly surprised, the centre has a vast array of walls at varying levels and is based in an old mill which enables their tallest wall to tower 23.5meters high! We didn’t attempt it (we don’t have the right equipment), but we were thoroughly entertained by other routes which included over-hangs, featured walls and holds to put our grip to the test.

As standard we left when our forearms felt the burn, our finger tips were good for nothing and we had lost feeling in our feet…we’ll be definitely be back to do it all again!

23.5 meters of wall

An unintentional feature of the car park.


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