Sugar Junction, M4 1LG.

Up until this weekend I’d never indulged in afternoon tea. Now, having experienced first hand the ratio or sweet to savoury, I will most certainly be making the excuse to go a little more often!

We went to Sugar Junction, a relatively new little tea room in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The atmosphere lacks nothing and the staff are friendly and attentive. I couldn’t resist a taste of the celery and cashew nut soup before indulging in to the main attraction (cake!) – it surpassed expectation, definitely one to try to recreate at home!

On the other hand, I wasn’t hugely impressed by the quality of the cakes (although their scones were pretty good), the company I kept and the attention to detail in the café itself carried it really. I’d definitely go back, for a causal catch up with friends or a faultless cup of tea served with a smile, but if I wanted a perfect slice of cake I wouldn’t go to Sugar Junction to find it.

Traditional Afternoon Tea


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