1874 The Vegetarian Bistro & Bar, M2 3HZ.

A good friend of mine has recently turned vegetarian and I recently stumbled across 1874, I put two and two together and hey presto, an evening well spent!

I’ve never been to a vegetarian restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised and left more than satisfied. I also gave my friend’s beer battered halloumi a taste, which I was sceptical about – not being a huge fan of halloumi – but it was actually really tasty!

This little bistro is hidden away in plain sight so definitely google-map-it before making the trip, it’s also closed Mon-Tues and only serves from 1800hrs Wed-Fri, but this doesn’t distract from the fact the staff were lovely, the food hit the spot (the desert in particular) and despite being open plan, with a floor-to-ceiling glass front it felt quite homely!

 Whole baked camembert with rustic breads

 Lancashire cheese soufflé with salsa verde potatoes & summer vegetables

 Blackberry mille feuille with almond cream and cameralised apple sauce


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