Posh Cheese on Toast.

Sometimes when you buy someone a Christmas present it’s because you think they’ll enjoy it, perhaps it’s something they wouldn’t treat themselves to and, just maybe, you’ll get some of the benefits from it…

I’m probably guilty of all the above with regards to the Camembert baker which I splashed out on for the lovely Miss K. Cute though it is, the best thing about it is the recipe book which it came with. We gave it a test run last week:

1a. Mix all the ingredients together.
1b. Score the Camembert and dollop on the pesto mixture.
1c. Bake at 200°C [15mins] (perhaps, like us, you could toss some fresh bread in the oven after 10mins to warm through)

Et voila…best served with warm bread, salad and a glass of white; the poshest cheese on toast I’ve ever indulged in.

1 round of Camembert
1tbsp pesto
1tbsp olive oil
1tbsp pine nuts
1 clove garlic (finely chopped)
black pepper (coarsely ground)


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