Strawberry & Basil Vodka.

One of my ‘five-a-day’ vodkas was strawberry & basil, a little adventurous but the verdict was all together positive when made into the (yet to be named) cocktail below…

Its creation was very much improvised and consisted of me adding 100g of basil leaves to a big pan with two tins of strawberrys (but the syrup from only one) and reducing it down. Before all the liquid evaporated I roughly blitz the pan’s contents together to enable them to be funneled into a vodka bottle.

After adding the strawberry-basil syrup to the vodka I left it to infuse for a week or so before sieving out the pulp and chilling. Then the time came to get creative…

2 measures of strawberry & basil vodka
1 measure of strawberry syrup
1handful of ice
topped up with lemonade
2-3 basil leaves [essential for the multi-sense experience]


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