Taste The Rainbow [Skittles Vodka].

By far the easiest way to transform cheap vodka and a sure-fire way to get people drinking [responsibly] at any party!

Not only can it be shotted, as photographed above, but also the flavours can be combined with soda water or lemonade to make any number of cocktails. For this reason, I much prefer separating the colours/flavours so people can mix and match to their tastes – I recently found out not everyone prefers the red and purple ones?!? Shocker!

1. Four bags of Skittles.

2. Separate the colours into clean, glass, resealable bottles.

3. Pour vodka over the Skittles.

4. After just less than a week the Skittles will have dissolved leaving a few centimetres of white ‘scum’ on the surface.

Being a little particular, I removed the scum using inexpensive coffee filters, although this did also filter off most of the colour from the orange batch. The orange batch was also the only flavour which, well, didn’t have any flavour -perhaps the strength of Skittles is in their colour?!


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