Roasted Pumpkin & Honey Vodka.

The second of my ‘five-a-day’ vodkas was pumpkin and honey – by far a long shot and it took significantly more brain power to formulate a cocktail with! Although the brain power was all worth while given that it went down a treat.

In a similar fashion to the strawberry and basil vodka, I attempted to make a heavily flavoured concentrate. In this instance I think the amount of water contained within the butternut squash I used helped. Initially, I generously sprinkled brown sugar over thick slices of butternut squash, along with several dollops of honey, before roasting for about an hour. Once softened, I removed the flesh from the skin and placed it in a pan over a low heat with the liquid which had collected during roasting. The next step was very much a guessing game, I added more sugar (to taste) and took the hand blender to it while still reducing the water content on the heat. The aim was to let it reduce enough so as not to dilute the vodka but not too much that it would become tricky to pour into the bottles…

As with the strawberry and basil vodka, the vodka was added to the concentrate and the concoction left to infuse for a week or so before sieving out the pulp and chilling. Then the cocktail creation took place!

2 measures of pumpkin & honey vodka
1 handful of ice
Top up with ginger beer
A dash of Angostura bitters


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