Waldorf Risotto.

Salads can work wonders for your waist line but they can’t quite take the place of a good cheesy risotto. Adding the crunch of walnuts, the sweetness of apple and the gooeyness of cheese to a risotto was a stroke of genius. Although I wasn’t under the illusion that the additions would lift the humble risotto to healthy heights, it certainly added welcome textures and interesting tastes. So much so, that the left-overs (set aside for the following day’s lunch) didn’t have a chance to go cold…

While risotto does have a reputation for being tricky to perfect, Jamie’s basic risotto recipe is a corker and worth the hour of chopping, string and tasting. I will definitely be reaching for the arborio rice more frequently in the weeks to come!

Recipe taken from Jamie Oliver.

Key Ingredients
White wine
Parmesan cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Soft goat’s cheese
Crunchy eating apples [tossed in lemon juice]


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