Whim Wham, M1 5WQ.

The Whim Wham Cafe is a delightful little gin saloon tucked away in plain sight. Their food is a couple of steps above bar food while not being at all fussy, but the main attraction is the gin cocktail list (which my work companion and I managed to tick off a considerable number of). The staff were wonderfully attentive and have a cracking knowledge of their cocktails – ideal for people like me who don’t know their Bombay Sapphire from their Hendricks!

The food fitted the bill perfectly – tasty and inviting while not be a distraction from our cocktail goodness. It was great to see a simple, yet creative, selection of local grub while browsing the menu and both of us were more than happy with the pies we selected. And with regard to nibbles…I would most certainly opt for the deep fried Cheshire cheese and beetroot chutney again- yum, yum, yum!

This place has a great atmosphere and I’d recommended it to anyone looking for a few quiet drinks in a relaxed environment. I’ll certainly be returning, but this time I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a night where I can also be entertained by some of the great live artists that frequent this establishment!

Deep Fried Cheshire Cheese & Beetroot Chutney

Fish pie. Goats Cheese Beetroot & Orange Pie w. Potato Salad.


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