A Good Cuppa: Mugs

I do love a good cuppa, whether it’s a cup of posh loose leaf tea with cake, a builders brew at work or a big mug of hot chocolate before bed – I’m easy to please! Although one thing that helps the experience is a good mug and I am a hoarder of such…while I can say ‘no’ to most bargains, when it comes to crockery I have amassed a vast selection over the years, the reason being there are several things that entice me.

I had a quick browse and found an example of some of the characteristics that catch my eye (although I had to keep my purse well out of arms length to save my bank balance). I think I need to home my crockery desire before I run out of cupboard space – as you can see there aren’t many mugs which don’t take my fancy! What do you look for in a good mug?…

1.il_570xN.358272092_ggdx1. An unusual design;

2.il_570xN.429467271_960h2. A delicate design;

3.il_570xN.446728835_ksgy3. A classic retro design;

4. CKMug4. A massive mug to warm your up from the inside; or

5.$(KGrHqJ,!lgFC2frsj(8BQ1cv!s4Gw~~60_125. A novelty design.


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