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The No-Man’s Land Between Christmas and New Years.

Shopping Arcades in Leeds.

Tea and crumpets at Todmorden Market.

Art in London.


12 Adventures in 12 Months.

The initial brainstorm:
1.     Scarborough
2.     Lancaster
3.     Edinburgh
4.     A festival weekend
5.     Newquay
6.     Brighton
7.     Blackpool
8.     Llandudno
9.    Leek
10.   Bakewell
11.   Malham Cove
12.   Ingleton (waterfalls)

Any partners in crime out there?…

CPH, Denmark.

Balloon Fiesta, Bristol.

Sometimes it’s good to get away and escape reality, if only for a little while, Bristol’s Balloon Fiesta was just the adventure I needed…

My photos were clearly taken from afar; I confess, I was on a hilltop within strollingĀ distanceĀ of a few bars. There are, however, some cracking photos on this blog – they put into context just how big these balloons are!

Melt!, Ferropolis, Berlin.

Oh Good.

Just Help Yourself.