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Keeping it Green.

I recently saw these in a magazine and immediately hunted them out… unfortunately, €150 is well over budget. I’m not sure I’d pull it off (not being a ring-girl) or how long I could keep it alive – probably only treating it to the occasional dimly lit dance floor of Manchester. Yet, the idea will forever put a smile on my face, for reasons clearly not related to the practicalities.

HAF Growing Jewellery 


Supermodels Without Make up…Where?!

Yes, they’re all still stunning.

Alas, good cheek bones and deep eyes are able to distract from those tired-bags which would otherwise be air-brushed away. They say no-one’s perfect…but some are pretty damn close.

The Vogue website gives the bumf around this collection, which is basically an advert for a modelling agency. Regardless, I like it for the fresh glimpse of reality, which is rare in this media age.

Courtesy of.

Flatpack Shoe.

Courtesy of: United Nude via Vogue.

There’s nothing I like better than a day spent wrestling flat pack furniture – discarding the instructions only to go hunting for them a few hours later! That being said, I’m not too keen on the finished look of the flatpack shoe (even if I would enjoy putting them together).

“We were asked by artist Alicia Framis to create a conceptual shoe for space travel for the Moon Life project,” says the label’s creative director, Rem D Koolhaas. “We thought the further you send or ship something, the more important the weight and size – so the idea of ‘small and light’ led us to the flat-pack idea.”

Fashion Is Now The Boss.

Courtesy of: The Week, 14 May 2011.

No Bra, No Knickers…If Only I Was That Brave!

Courtesy of: ASOS.