Local Eats & Drinks.

Afternoon Tea

Richmond Tea Rooms, M1 3HZ.
The Victoria & Albert, M3 4JQ.
Sugar Junction, M4 1LG.

In & Around Manchester

Home Sweet Home, M4 1HW.
1874 The Vegetarian Bistro & Bar, M2 3HZ.
Pi, M21 9GA.
Circus Casino, M1 4RL.
Wasabi, M1 4FF.
Simple at The Light, M4 1PN.
Ning, M4 1LJ.
Coriander, M21 7GH.
Walrus, M4 1ES.
Frurt, M1 5BD.
Almost Famous, M4 1HP.
Jack Spratt, M2 6WH.
Ginger’s Comfort Emporium
Whim Wham, M1 5WQ.

Just the one…

Simple at the Light, M4 1PN

The other side of Manchester.

The Vincent, PR8 1JR.
The Fat Olive, WN1 2AD.


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