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Cheese & spinach cake

After giving my first savoury cake a whirl I vowed to keep my creative juices flowing and give a spinach and cheese recipe a go – that I did!

I simply exchanged the prunes, goats cheese and pistachio nuts for a healthy handful (or two) of grated mature cheddar and a bag of roughly chopped (washed) fresh spinach. The results were better than I could possibly have dreamed of and lasted a meager 24hrs! Although I originally set out to bake a loaf cake, there was a little batter left over which went into muffin cases which turned out to be a revelation – giving me handbag size snacks at no extra hassle!

At first glance this may seem like a healthy recipe, but I’m under no illusion that the cake batter and the large quantity cheese hidden amongst the spinach tip it over into the ‘treat’ category…especially as I took a liking to toasting the loaf and smothering it in butter [although it can catch quite easily due to the fat content so be sure to watch it like a hawk!]. Now my challenge is going to be staying creative and not just throwing this little beauty together on repeat!

DSCF8521Cheddar Cheese & Fresh Spinach.

DSCF8530 modifiedReady for baking – 180°C, 45mins. 

DSCF8534 modifiedReady for baking – 180°C, 20mins.

DSCF8539Ready to indulge – best served toasted with butter! 

Recipe adapted from my previous post:
250g/9oz plain flour
15g/½oz baking powder
250g vintage cheddar
125g fresh spinach
4 free-range eggs
150ml/5fl oz olive oil
100ml/3½fl oz milk
50g/1¾oz plain yoghurt
1 tsp salt
pinch black pepper 


Waldorf Risotto.

Salads can work wonders for your waist line but they can’t quite take the place of a good cheesy risotto. Adding the crunch of walnuts, the sweetness of apple and the gooeyness of cheese to a risotto was a stroke of genius. Although I wasn’t under the illusion that the additions would lift the humble risotto to healthy heights, it certainly added welcome textures and interesting tastes. So much so, that the left-overs (set aside for the following day’s lunch) didn’t have a chance to go cold…

While risotto does have a reputation for being tricky to perfect, Jamie’s basic risotto recipe is a corker and worth the hour of chopping, string and tasting. I will definitely be reaching for the arborio rice more frequently in the weeks to come!

Recipe taken from Jamie Oliver.

Key Ingredients
White wine
Parmesan cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Soft goat’s cheese
Crunchy eating apples [tossed in lemon juice]

One Colourful Tea Time.

Tonight was most definitely a join effort, I made the stuffed mushrooms [recipe] and the lovely Miss K threw together some beetroot burgers [recipe] and sweet potato chips. The result was jaw-dropping; I’m currently still digesting my enjoyment on the sofa with a glass of red.

Who needs to improvise when you have a cracking recipe?… All that’s left to do now is to think of some vegetables (that I have in) which I can stuff with the left-over filling and breadcrumbs!

1. Dress the mushrooms and bake.

2. Fill with goats-cheese filling.

3. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

4. Bake and enjoy.

Ingredients: as per recipe.

Posh Cheese on Toast #2.

Having got the ball rolling, with Posh Cheese on Toast, it would have been rude not to try out the other possibilities…

…and a success it was. No better, no worse. Amazing but different.

1handful of Sun-dried tomatoes & yellow peppers
1handful of Parsley [freshly chopped]
1handful of Pine nuts
1glug of Olive oil

Three Cheeses On Toast…

…a poor man’s extravagance.