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Cherry Cobbler & Custard From A Carton

Having stumbling across this blackberry cobbler recipe I was over-come with inspiration (and the desire for baked goodness), I therefore came up with the following creation. Agreed, it wasn’t very adventurous, but it was so easy to throw together and definitely hit the spot!

 1. Cream together the butter and sugar.

2. Combine with the egg, soured cream and vanilla extract.

 3. Sift in the self-raising flour and beat well creating a smooth batter.

 4a. Lay your fruit of choice (in my instance, cherries) across the bottom of a medium-sized dish and sprinkle with sugar.
4b. Carefully cover the fruit in batter, dust with sugar and a sprinkling of flaked almonds.

 5. Bake at 200°C [30mins] until a knife is removed clean. Warm through your custard, serve up and indulge.

 N.B. With the addition of a chopped banana, I managed to justify the left overs for brunch the following day (yes, straight from the dish)…not all that classy, but very satisfying!

115g Butter
1cup Sugar [plus some for sprinkling]
1cup Soured Cream
1 Egg
1cup Self-raising flour
1tsp Vanilla extract
1handful Almonds [flaked]