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Persimmon Taste Test.


After reading this post over on Illustrated Bites – a brilliant blog full of amazing food illustrations – and then coincidentally finding persimmon’s on offer at my local shop I decided to give them a go… I browsed the internet and one of the recommended ways to indulge in persimmons was to cook them off in a little brown sugar and a knob off butter until soft. They were really good [a little like a cross between a peach and an apple] especially with a cheeky scoop of vanilla ice cream, but then perhaps most things taste appealing with a little sugar and butter!? I must make a mental note to hunt out healthier recipes in future, regardless of what my sweet tooth may be telling me…




One Of My Five A Day.

A week or so ago, I got a little ambitious and attempted to flavour some cheap vodka – bring it to life, if you will. They both contain a fruit as their key ingredient, a million years of bragging rights goes to anyone who can guess the flavours correctly…

They look more appetising when shook-up, wouldn’t you agree?! Yum. Now all I need to do is create cocktails good enough to give the vodka concoctions a thumbs up.

Pie & A Pint

One of the best mid-week pick-me-ups.

I have frequented Pi in Chorlton on many occasion, they have my service on those evenings were I want to know exactly what I’m going to get, with no degree of uncertainty. They offer a good pie, in relaxed surroundings and a vast selection of cold beers, many of which I’m yet to have the joy of tasting.

Being a good Northern lass I’ve tried more than the odd pie but Pieminster pies are by far my favourite (especially when enjoyed with new friends), yesterday I opted for an old-reliable – the Heidi pie – not being too heavy it was perfect for a warm summers evening sat out. And the beer…a passion fruit one pumped straight from the tap; it was really sweet and tasted surprisingly fruity compared to most fruit beers… good enough for me to justify having another!

Heidi pie, minty mushy peas and gravy.

Cake For Lunch.

There are few thing I like better than cake. So when invited to sample the delights of Patisserie Valerie over lunch, only one possible answer flashed through my head “Do we really need to wait until lunch?!”

The exotic fruit tart was amazing, such a vast selection of fruit – I defiantly surpassed my 5-a-day – although there’s still one fruit that I’m yet name…I’ll have to have another to help me figure it out ; )

Packaged with class.

Exotic Fruit Tart Side 1

Exotic Fruit Tart Side 2