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Jack Spratt, M2 6WH.

I’ve been to Jack Spratt a couple of times now and each time we’ve been greeted by friendly ‘at your service’ staff (although not always that punctual) and scrumptious, wholesome food. The place itself is quite small, but this adds to the cosy welcoming feel and it doesn’t at all feel crowded even when all tables are taken. Also with it being close to my office in central Manchester there are no complaints here!

I’d highly recommend everyone give it ago, they even do a bargainous early evening £8 menu (two course) which does deliver quite small portions however I just took that as an excuse to indulge in desert – every cloud! They also throw together one of the best sharing platters I’ve ever tasted (pictured below). The veggie platter doesn’t sport any of the bog-standard vegetarian classics, instead opting to keep things interesting, a decision both my and my fellow dinner commended.

All in all it gets my vote!

Sweet potato wedges (£8 menu)

Beer Battered Haddock (£8 menu)

Trio of Panna Cotta:
Gin & rhubarb;
Strawberry & cassis;

Veggie Sharing Platter

Glazed BBQ Baby Rack of Ribs