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Beth Galton

When I first saw the collection of ‘Cut Food’ photographs by Beth Galton, I instantly thought of Damien Hirst. The sceptic in me thought she’d taken his idea as her own and made it easier by doing on a significantly smaller scale. Many would agree that cutting a doughnut in half doesn’t really compare to cutting a cow in half…however, when I got down to the coffee cup picture [my favourite of the collection] I realised that there really is little comparison to be made. The movement and familiarity in Galton’s work can not be compared to the awe and curiosity brought about by Hirst, they are different collections by different people and should be viewed as such – I stand corrected.




Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project

I stumbled across Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project on the Ondra Loup photo blog. I think it’s a lovely, fresh, nostalgic idea:




My favourite aspect of the project is the interactivity – a sense of community – due to people engaging and sending in their own take on their project. The rules of the project are on her website, if you fancy getting involved!…




Stop Motion Filming – Attempt One.

On My Turf, Spring 2012.

Wishing To A Light Bulb.

We’ve Got Some Alright Talent In MCR.

Courtesy of the current exhibitions showing at Manchester Photographic:

Kevin Cummins

Alex Marrs

Paul Wolfgang Webster

Amy Gibbings

Back To The Digital Age.

In a post back in May I spoke of re-awakening my uni spirit, dusting off my Holga camera and taking to the streets. In my eyes, the ultimate con to reverting back to good old 35mm is losing the ability to review your snaps seconds after closing the shutter and limiting yourself to 24 or 36 exposures. Indeed I was happy with some of the shots I took, however I couldn’t resist the urge to return with my trusty digi-cam to snap up any missed opportunity.

I also happened to come across some unusually specific tagging: