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Cheese & spinach cake

After giving my first savoury cake a whirl I vowed to keep my creative juices flowing and give a spinach and cheese recipe a go – that I did!

I simply exchanged the prunes, goats cheese and pistachio nuts for a healthy handful (or two) of grated mature cheddar and a bag of roughly chopped (washed) fresh spinach. The results were better than I could possibly have dreamed of and lasted a meager 24hrs! Although I originally set out to bake a loaf cake, there was a little batter left over which went into muffin cases which turned out to be a revelation – giving me handbag size snacks at no extra hassle!

At first glance this may seem like a healthy recipe, but I’m under no illusion that the cake batter and the large quantity cheese hidden amongst the spinach tip it over into the ‘treat’ category…especially as I took a liking to toasting the loaf and smothering it in butter [although it can catch quite easily due to the fat content so be sure to watch it like a hawk!]. Now my challenge is going to be staying creative and not just throwing this little beauty together on repeat!

DSCF8521Cheddar Cheese & Fresh Spinach.

DSCF8530 modifiedReady for baking – 180°C, 45mins. 

DSCF8534 modifiedReady for baking – 180°C, 20mins.

DSCF8539Ready to indulge – best served toasted with butter! 

Recipe adapted from my previous post:
250g/9oz plain flour
15g/½oz baking powder
250g vintage cheddar
125g fresh spinach
4 free-range eggs
150ml/5fl oz olive oil
100ml/3½fl oz milk
50g/1¾oz plain yoghurt
1 tsp salt
pinch black pepper 


Savoury Cake, Who’d Have Thought it?…

I consider myself somewhat of a cake connoisseur, but savoury cakes had been completely off my radar until seeing this pistachio, goats cheese and prune cake. Ingredients in hand I proceeded with an open mind…

Even now, as I write this, I’m unsure of my verdict. Perhaps because I have nothing to compare it to, or maybe because it simply didn’t tailor to my sweet tooth. I have no complaints around the ingredients used and the sponge was lovely and moist, but over all it didn’t excite me! In all honesty, I was probably eating away looking forward to getting to the ‘bits’ in the sponge rather than enjoying the cake as a whole.

I’m yet to give up on the idea though…next stop:

  • Adding more nuts, cheese and fruit to the batter;
  • Seasoning the batter more; and/or
  • Adapting the recipe to accommodate cheddar and spinach.

1. Lovely ingredients.

2. Lovely ingredients chopped.

3. Batter, done.

4. Bake, 180°C [60min] until a skewer is removed clean.

5. Slice and enjoy.

Recipe followed from BBC Food.

Zucchini Fritters

It’s not often I go out of my way to rustle up something savoury, but this courgette (zucchini) fritter recipe really got my mouth-watering. It fully lived up to expectations, although being a bit of an onion fan I swapped in a white onion in place of the spring onions (scallion), resulting in quite an onion-y fritter, you may choose to be less brave?

The feta is definitely a good touch though, the crispy shell of the fritter complements the softened cheese – keeping the cheese chunky was a stoke of genius, if I do say so myself…

1. Courgette, onion, feta, garlic and lemon zest into a bowl. [You may want to drain off any excess moisture at this point.]

2. Add the eggs and mix.
3. Sieve in the plain flour and stir until you get a batter-like consistency (probably about 100-200g)

4. Heat a little oil (or butter if you’re feeling cheeky) in a pan and cook the mixture in dollops until nicely browned on both sides. This recipe will make about 6 fritters.

5. Best served with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Adapted from Roslyn Street Cafe.

2 Small Courgettes (grated)
1 White onion (finely sliced)
100g Feta cheese (chopped into chunks)
2 Garlic cloves (finely sliced)
Lemon zest
2 Small eggs
Plain flour