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A Good Cuppa: Mugs

I do love a good cuppa, whether it’s a cup of posh loose leaf tea with cake, a builders brew at work or a big mug of hot chocolate before bed – I’m easy to please! Although one thing that helps the experience is a good mug and I am a hoarder of such…while I can say ‘no’ to most bargains, when it comes to crockery I have amassed a vast selection over the years, the reason being there are several things that entice me.

I had a quick browse and found an example of some of the characteristics that catch my eye (although I had to keep my purse well out of arms length to save my bank balance). I think I need to home my crockery desire before I run out of cupboard space – as you can see there aren’t many mugs which don’t take my fancy! What do you look for in a good mug?…

1.il_570xN.358272092_ggdx1. An unusual design;

2.il_570xN.429467271_960h2. A delicate design;

3.il_570xN.446728835_ksgy3. A classic retro design;

4. CKMug4. A massive mug to warm your up from the inside; or

5.$(KGrHqJ,!lgFC2frsj(8BQ1cv!s4Gw~~60_125. A novelty design.


The No-Man’s Land Between Christmas and New Years.

Shopping Arcades in Leeds.

Tea and crumpets at Todmorden Market.

Art in London.

Richmond Tea Rooms, M1 3HZ.

I went to the Richmond Tea Rooms many months ago and have been back several times since. It’s tucked away near Canal Street and, although you wouldn’t guess it from its location, it’s a lovely little tea room – quirky and cosy. What’s more they laid on the best afternoon tea I’ve indulged in to-date. They come highly recommend by me, whether you want the full works or just a slice of freshly baked cake and a pot of tea. I would, however, avoid the mains and let them stick to what they’re good at.

On my last visit I had a nosey around The Lodge, the bar at the back of Richmond Tea Rooms, apparently you’re welcome to sit in there during the day should you desire somewhere a little less kitsch to eat your cake, although I’m keen to kick-back and relax in there with a stiff drink in my hand. The Lodge is designed a lot more with the evening in mind, but is equally as inviting as the tea room, the decor’s moody with a dark-wood bar, open fire and deep brown leather lending itself to an evening of chit-chat with a scotch on the rocks or some moonshine. (Apparently they do a mean cocktail too…)

I’ll be back soon, without a doubt.

The Richmond Afternoon Tea

Sugar Junction, M4 1LG.

Up until this weekend I’d never indulged in afternoon tea. Now, having experienced first hand the ratio or sweet to savoury, I will most certainly be making the excuse to go a little more often!

We went to Sugar Junction, a relatively new little tea room in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The atmosphere lacks nothing and the staff are friendly and attentive. I couldn’t resist a taste of the celery and cashew nut soup before indulging in to the main attraction (cake!) – it surpassed expectation, definitely one to try to recreate at home!

On the other hand, I wasn’t hugely impressed by the quality of the cakes (although their scones were pretty good), the company I kept and the attention to detail in the café itself carried it really. I’d definitely go back, for a causal catch up with friends or a faultless cup of tea served with a smile, but if I wanted a perfect slice of cake I wouldn’t go to Sugar Junction to find it.

Traditional Afternoon Tea