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After having a healthy week I felt more than motivated to hunt out an alternative to the cheese and carb’ filled meals which the lovely Miss K and I frequently pull together for each other.  In the end I managed to conjure up quite an eclectic feast which left us both stuffed and satisfied.

I followed (to a degree) two pretty simple recipes for falafel and tzatziki. I went for the ease of a throw-it-all-together meal with the help of a few chapatis (which I’d warmed in the oven), some fresh salad leaves and a dollop of sweet chilli sauce making the whole thing a pleasure to eat.

I do enjoy good falafel, but I had no idea just how easy it was to make until now! Something can definitely be said for knowing what goes into your food and how satisfying even the healthiest of meals can be when you’ve made them from scratch. The only change I’d make next time I rustle up this beauty would be to leave my falafel mix a little more chunky so it has a bit of bite…

[I added chopped fresh coriander instead of parsley]
[I added one teaspoon of paprika instead of dried coriander]
[I added one teaspoon of chilli powder instead of a half]


1874 The Vegetarian Bistro & Bar, M2 3HZ.

A good friend of mine has recently turned vegetarian and I recently stumbled across 1874, I put two and two together and hey presto, an evening well spent!

I’ve never been to a vegetarian restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised and left more than satisfied. I also gave my friend’s beer battered halloumi a taste, which I was sceptical about – not being a huge fan of halloumi – but it was actually really tasty!

This little bistro is hidden away in plain sight so definitely google-map-it before making the trip, it’s also closed Mon-Tues and only serves from 1800hrs Wed-Fri, but this doesn’t distract from the fact the staff were lovely, the food hit the spot (the desert in particular) and despite being open plan, with a floor-to-ceiling glass front it felt quite homely!

 Whole baked camembert with rustic breads

 Lancashire cheese soufflé with salsa verde potatoes & summer vegetables

 Blackberry mille feuille with almond cream and cameralised apple sauce